House Numbers and Letters - Stand-off vs Visible Screws

5 years ago

I need to replace the house numbers (and one letter) on my house. Previously, I had brass numbers and letter, which were 3" high. City code is minimum 4 inch height. I've changed my door hardware from brass to stainless steel and my porch light fixtures from brass to black. So, I can choose either stainless steel finish or powder-coat black, which I think will stand out better against the white trim around the door.

I'm limited to brands that sell matching letters as well as numbers. Address will be displayed vertically. I don't think a plaque will work because it would cover too much of the trim around the door.

I'm considering Smedbo in stainless steel or in black stainless steel 6" numbers and 4 3/4" letter; Modern Dwell in 6" or 4" height in black finish, or Bungalow Style 5" stainless steel in black finish.

Some of these are standoffs ("floating") and some have visible screws. I'm guessing that the ones with screws are easier to install. Which metal will hold up well against salty air? Any recommendations?

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