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3 month old St. Augustine sod dying

Barry L
7 years ago

Hi all, need some help figuring out what is killing my new (3 month old) sod. When the lawn was first installed, I was told to water it twice a day for 10 minutes. for several weeks. A week or 2 in, it started having problems. One side has been ok, but always very soggy, the other has had a lot of issues.

I hired a company to lay it. The lot had a ton of weeds and I don't think they didn't remove them before laying, I think they just mowed and then put in the sod ( I wasn't home to watch and they did it in one day). They said the weeds are the problem and they'd be back to relay over the areas. I don't think it's the weeds because of the new dead circles that are popping up now.

Here are the things I've done thus far:

  • 4 weeks after install I fertilized with Scott's weed and feed (at the suggestion of the company that laid the sod)

  • about 2 weeks ago I put down a very light treatment for brown patch

  • a couple of days later I treated for bugs with a granular Spectracide's Triazicide because I was seeing crickets.

  • I re-treated for brown patch per the bag but this time with a larger dose so I didn't have to do it every 14 days

I have cut back on the watering and also purchased a mulching kit for my riding mower.

I'm in Houston, Texas (if that helps).

Here are some pics of the yard I took today (a few hours ago). These are med/low res pics. I can post the high resolution version of any that would help, just give me the number you would like to see.

Thanks in advance for your time.









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