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Insulate attic in 1920s craftsman with converted attic

8 years ago

I just purchased a 1920s craftsman in Arkansas (cooling dominated) with a converted attic running through the middle of the house. The converted attic gets very hot in the summer (and I'm assuming cold in the winter). The attic space behind the front knee wall has no insulation and wood planks instead of sheetrock (thus no air seal). See the right side of this image so you can tell what I'm talking about:

There doesn't seem to be any insulation between the ceiling sheetrock and the roof deck.

The "attic space" towards the back of the house is much larger (under a hip roof). It also isn't covered in sheetrock (so no air seal). Here is a picture

On the accessible attic space, there is a couple of inches of blown in insulation and some knob and tube wiring (insulation isn't touching the K&T). I'm leery of adding more insulation to the attic floor because I don't want to cover the K&T. There are two turbine vents but no soffit, gable, or ridge vents in the attic.

My current plan is to use solid foam boards behind the knee walls to provide an air seal and some insulation for the walls. I'm not sure what to do to continue the air seal to the ceiling with the wood boards or insulate the ceiling.


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