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Flowering no-mow/water ground cover/grass and large garden bed ideas?

This if for central New Jersey

What this house wants done is a no-mow, no water, no fertilizer flowering ground cover on 1/4 acre lot which includes the house, patio, and driveway but is still a sizable amount of sq ft, but not looking to spend like $350 for plugs/seeds plus delivery since I doubt I'll find this stuff locally and not have to pay shipping.

If it has to be watered and fertilized to get it started, then that's okay. Also okay if has to be mowed/trimmed once/twice/three times a year is okay. I have a slit seeder machine if it can be used.

But even if I can find the above, won't it spread into the neighbors' lawns underground and/or hundreds or thousands of flowers will turn to seed and blow onto the neighbors' lawns and invade?

Option B would be something like a clover that doesn't flower and as long as it doesn't spread undeground it's fine, it would just means the property line has to be trimmed back once in a while.

Another option might be something like this english ivy but I think that would look tacky, this is a regular nice development and there are no large trees in the front yard where I think something like this could work

I know there are no-mow, no-water grasses and we might end up planting that but their first choice is to have a flowering ground cover that needs little to no water or mowing but is non invasive.

If needed, I can dig a trench along the property line and put a 2" thick concrete border underground if that would stop invasion, but how deep should it be? This border is assuming that there's a flowering ground cover that spreads underground but doesn't invade when going to seed. If we decide on a no-mow grass that doesn't flower, then it matters if it invades underground, it will just blend in with the neighbors' grass and since it grows so slow compared to regular grass, they will probably never notice because it would get mowed down.

Another option I am leaning towards is to tiller/cultivate wide approx 15 foot border landscape beds with mulch along the driveway and house etc and they can plant whatever they want in there that is perrenials like flowers, creeping juniper, english ivy, hostas, propigate things from others - basically anything they want that doesn't require much watering or trimming. And then plant the no-mow grass in the areas that are not tilled (or preferably flowering cover or vines if anyone can help on that).

The backyard, I think they would like to have a large flower garden and possibly fruit and vegetable garden and then pathways of no-mow grass/clvoer etc between them. Although as mentioned, lots of flowers in the front yard might go to seed and invade the neigbors lawn but in the backyard, a large flower garden is more accepted and won't look taky like if the front lawn were all flowers I think.

Need advice mainly on affordable non-invasive flowering ground cover if possible. thanks

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