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Soil test result help?

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

So, I did my solid test as recommended by various people due to rudbeckia not blooming. Here is what I got. I am researching, but I would be grateful for insights. I noted how old the boxes are in (). For obvious reasons, it was recommended I use only N fertilizer and lime in a few boxes. I wonder what causes the phos and potassium to be so high and if I need to worry. Something is definitely wrong, as I have several plants that take 3-4 years to bloom or do not bloom after one year or are stunted.

I use Miracle-Gro soil in raised boxes, so very little or no clay is in there...except the yard sample, which is all clay with leaf mulch/soil dumped on top due to no topsoil.

Please note I rarely fertilize. I do use willow/pin oak leaf mulch every fall and remove some in the spring. I used Miracle-Gro 2-3 times between April and June or July, but that was not it....I will not use it anymore. I occasionally use fish fertilizer on a few plants. That is it. (Except I do use Holly-Tone every spring for hydrangeas, and I do not remove as much leaf mulch from that box).

I used my hands to get the soil (except the yard) and rinsed well between samples, so there should no contamination.

I called my county ag office...nice, but not much help. Any help understanding how it is this year and what I should I really should not do would be great. :)


Other (3-4 years old): Phos 108 K 96 pH 5.4

Hydrangeas (3-4 years old): Phos 510 K 91 pH 4.8

Front yard box (6 months old): Phos 73 K 87 pH 5.6

Lawn: Phos 99 K 158 pH 6.8

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