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How to get rid of leaves after aeration / overseeding?

7 years ago

Hi guys, i know aeration is controversial but i have about 3/4 of an acre. After much research i decided to aerate and overseed.

Im in north dakota so I assume i have cool season grass. I bought a pull behind aerator and then i used a broadcast spreader to put seed and fertilizer.

Problem now is that i have 3 huge cotton wood trees in my yard. The leaves are falling and covering my grass within 1 day.

Can I mow after overseeding? I did water daily. I tried to mulch the leaves but they are just too much to get rid of them. Can i safely bag the leaves without sucking up the seeds?

I also have a jd x500 tractor that will crush the plugs of core. Is that ok?

Im a newbie. Thanks for the help!

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