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Lets talk shower systems: handheld attached to showerhead or seperate?

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Now that the big stuff is decided upon (tub, flooring, tile, etc.) I need to narrow down my selections for shower/bath fixtures. Demo starts Monday, so nothing like the last minute. I know I want Oil Rubbed Bronze finish, which does limit me a bit. The most options come in chrome. My kitchen is all chrome so I wanted something different for my bathroom. It's a full bath, on our main floor, which serves as our main bathroom for guests and a second bathroom for us for bathing & showering. It will have a tub (Kohler Archer) shower combo. I am going with a curtain for safety purposes. I don't want the danger or maintenance of a glass surround in my home with three young kids.

I know 100% I want a hand sprayer. I already purchased the Delta H2O Kinetic in venetian bronze that has the handheld that mounts inside the actual shower head, but can be popped out and has a diverter to offer the option of redirecting the water to just the handheld, or both the handheld and shower. Mostly, because I still wanted a fixed shower head. Most of the showerheads that double as a handheld that I've used in the past, is not all that adjustable, and is hard to re-angle for when my kids shower, so I'm hoping this solves that problem. I considered getting a fixed shower head with a separate handheld that attaches directly from the wall, but all the separate plumbing components add up QUICK, especially with ORB. The 5 foot hose alone in ORB was close to $200. My only concern with the system I purchased is that because the handheld sprayer fits inside the fixed showerhead, my kids won't be able to reach it, for things like washing feet or rinsing their hair if they choose to bathe instead of shower. I guess either way it's a trade-off.

Anyone have this combo set-up and like it? Hate it? I'm open to alternative suggestions.

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