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Need some help with Logan Labs soil test results

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

I posted several weeks ago asking about whether I could fertilize a lawn in August to fix the P and K deficiency that was reported on a soil test from the University of TN. You guys advised me to repeat the test using Logan Labs.

This is actually my Mom's yard and she was intent on going ahead with reseeding it, because she was convinced that the reason her lawn did not come in well last fall (or prosper since) was because the guy she hired to plant it did something wrong. (He was kind of a jerk.) So we cut what was left of lawn very short, raked up the dead stuff, spread starter fertilizer and seed. We then spread some compost over it, but we did not have enough to actually cover it, but we thought it might help. She kept it lightly watered for a week and new grass came up ... but very irregularly. Just like last year, there are areas where the grass just is not coming up and others where it is sparse. Some places came up pretty well.

So last week I decided to dig samples from those spots where the grass is not doing well at all and send it to Logan Labs. Now I realize that after adding the starter fertilizer, that skews things, but I figured that since there is something more wrong than what the fertilizer could fix, I could get some useful information. I did try to scrape the surface before digging so that I would get the original soil 3" deep and not any of the compost on top. I have attached the report.

Any insight as to what is missing from the lawn? Thanks for any ideas.

EDIT: OK, I am trying to attach a photo of the report, but it is not showing up.... How do I attach it?

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