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Tile the whole floor vs around the new vanity in powder room?

8 years ago

We're starting a bathroom remodel and just beginning the bid process. I'm still undecided about replacing our old vanity cabinets and know nothing about this process. I think I know the best answer but just wanted a second opinion.

I got one bid for everything we want. It's a little high but I know he's good. I have 2 friends who have a "tile guy" that they swear by and is good and very reasonable. I'm considering him coming and do the tile first. Then I can install our toilet and have a functioning toilet downstairs while I decide on everything else :)

Should I have him just tile the whole powder room floor (remove our old vanity) or decide on the vanity and install it then tile around it.

I'm leaning towards removing the vanity and tiling the whole floor. It's a very tiny room and the cost in insignificant.

Are there any cons to this? I'm serious I know nothing about remodels!


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