quiet and powerful 36" range hood insert: does your kitchen have one?

6 years ago

I could really use your help, folks. Due to health and life crises in our family, our kitchen reno has been ongoing since March 2014. Arg!

I'm pretty sure that we will soon be pulling the trigger on buying a 36" range hood insert. Looking for something as quiet and powerful as possible. Husband likes to set off the smoke alarm searing steaks on our BlueStar. There is lots of bacon cooking going on too. I really need a quiet hood so that I use it and keep my kitchen cleaner. Remote blower is not an option due to apartment configuration.

Top candidate is Kobe IN2636SQB-700 due to pyramidal underside and published power/noise settings:

It appears the above model is not perfect, based on GW threads and online reviews. Any better suggestions (based on an hood installed in your own kitchen)?

Also, does anyone have any experience with Kobe suppliers in Canada? I'm only aware of Canadian Appliance Source but never read a review of them.

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