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Too early to declare good 'uns vs dud 'uns for the year?

fduk_gw UK zone 3 (US zone 8)
8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

I think I've seen most of the best and worst for my year by now - and am currently composing my autumn orders - my Beales list already went as they quickly sold out of some of the roses I wanted last year.

My good un's

Graham Thomas

Sharifa Asma

Many Happy Returns

Blush Noisette

All the teas and all the chinas (all 9 in total, by FAR the best performing 'group' in the garden, healthy, floriferous and establishing really well)

Stanwell Perpetual

Francesca, Danae, Buff Beauty, Ghislaine de Feligonde

Unknown white floribunda, pretty much my best bloomer - I think it might be a Kordes.

Unknown reddish-purple shrub - I must see if I can get an ID on it, it was beautiful.

Creme de la Creme, slow starter but SO pretty and lemon sherbet scented.

My dud un's

Eglantyne - to be shovel pruned. Spent two thirds of summer defoliated.

Alchymist - ditto. Not only ugly, ugly ugly with bs and cercospora, and mildew but it hangs onto cruddy leaves, and the mummified blooms. I think four years is enough to decide it doesn't like my garden.

Charlotte. Kinda stingy with blooms and nigh on defoliated with blackspot midsummer. Ditto, the possible Pilgrim. I don't really love either of them and if they don't shape up, will ship out after next summer.

Felicia, very black spot prone, not happy in it's dappled sun/shade spot. Will give it time.

Agnes. Doesn't seem to like my garden. Will again, give it more time.

Yellow unknown climber. Blackspot prone to the point where I really only get one flush of unscented semi double blooms. Going, going, gone! Julia Child is taking that spot.

MIP - can't make it happy in the ground anywhere in my garden. Will give it a year potted and if it doesn't do something, it's going. I suspect the graft might be faulty. All it's blooms balled this year, bar the couple from the second flush and it suffered horrible blackspot, and in general this was a lower blackspot pressure year than usual.

Zepherine Drouhin. So pretty, yet so disease ridden. In a pot this year, did look better than it had in the ground, less bs, but unfortunately, despite all the water it wanted, excellent airflow and no competition, it still rusted, so it's gone. No mildew though, so I will remember that for other mildews. I think that rose really needs more sun and water than it gets here.

Souvenir du Dr Jamain. Beautiful, beautiful rose when it's happy. Unfortunately in too hot and dry a spot. Am going to move it and see if it'll be happier.

Margaret Merril. I used to think this was one of my better roses, then I actually started planting roses that like my garden and now I'd class it as disappointing.

Alfred de Dalmas, rather blackspot prone. Considering growing it like my hybrid perpetuals, and seeing if it likes that better.

Also considering shovel pruning multiple Sweet Dreams and Korresia - bit blackspot prone for my liking, but that means finding replacements with similar small habit and floriferous-ness.

Wildeve is also subject of much thought - it's healthy and repeats well, if a bit blackspot prone, but it wants to be HUGE. For the third time this year it's five foot tall and unfortunately blooms on the end of its canes. It needs to move from the spot its in but where to, is the problem. Also, it's not scented and the blooms blow fast. It'd make a great landscape shrub though, or even a hedge rose.

Not mentioned:

The bulk of the dependable roses, including the once bloomers, Charles de Mills and co, my bigger climbers who sail on regardless of conditions, with a special mention to Crimson Showers which is settling in beautifully to its horrible spot.

Will spice this long post up with pictures once I can get the photo uploader to play ball.

Next years rose list is heavy on teas, chinas and tea-noisettes/noisettes.

Definites are:

Duchesse d'Auerstadt

Mme Jules Gravereaux

Anna Olivier

Alexander Hill Gray

Perle d'Or

Clementina Carbonieri

Souvenir d'Alphonse Lavalle

"Francis Dubreuil" aka Barcelona

Probables are:

Spice (from Trevor White) - unsure how big this one will get, opinions vary wildly!

Hermosa - this stays small right?

"Irene Watts" aka pink Gruss


Celine Forrestier

Souvenir de Claudius Denoyel

Reine des Violettes - I already have a fake RdV, and a real RdV. The fake is getting a stay of execution as it appears to be reblooming this year and it is quite pretty in its own right.

Cardinal de Richelieu

For Your Eyes Only

R. Primula

Shortlist of possibles are:


Madame Gregoire Stachelin

Mel's Heritage (if I can obtain it)

Mme Caroline Testout

Madame Alfred Carriere

Blushing Lucy

Dithering on a smallish purple/blue/red climber. Depends on the controllability - don't have room for Veilichenblau, but was considering Violette. Otherwise, maybe Purple Skyliner, Perennial Blue or even Wild Rover - I have read it can be a small climber, not sure how feasible that is.

N.B I will not be getting all of the possible - don't remotely have enough room!

I was going to get Nur Mahal, but that spot already went to a Bengal Beauty seedling, own root from Cotswold Garden Flowers, which was a very impulsive purchase!

What about everyone else? What were your winners and losers? I have been hugely surprised by how well the tea/china heritage roses have done - hence further experimentation!

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