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Kitchen/Dining/Living room lighting help

7 years ago

Now that we've finally sorted out our kitchen layout, we need to figure out what to do with the lighting. I've done a bunch of reading here to start learning...but could use some advice on sorting out where the lights should actually go, etc.

Posting our layout, as well as a pic of the space. There will be a corner prep sink on the island as well, and no seating at the island (the dining room table will be behind it). The 3 "boxes" on the right are where stairways protrude into the space.

I'm thinking we'll use 6" or 4" Cree recessed lights for the ambient lighting, and pendants over the island (and an under cabinet LED on the one upper cabinet that we have). Not sure where we should have all of the switches...though it makes sense to have one set on the wall of the stairway that leads upstairs (middle "box").

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