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Mother Inlaw's Tongue Falling over

8 years ago

About three years ago, nearly four, I was given a tiny clipping from a Mother Inlaw's Tongue in a small clay pot. As it grew and I needed to repot it (about 2 years later), I noticed it's new shoots were all flopping over instead of growing upwards in the more traditional manner. I called my mother in law (ironically enough) who suggested I stake it for a while.

So, two years later, it has grown substantially and straight up and down. So this weekend I decided to take the stakes out and it would appear that I have created a new problem. The plant no longer holds itself up. The moment I removed the stakes and string the entire plant, right from the base in the soil, fell over.. right level with the top of the planter. I quickly restaked it as not to cause damage to the roots. But now I don't know what to do, and cannot find any suggestions online. .. and am a bit nervous to ask my mother in law for more advice.

What do I do? Leave it staked for life? :-/

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