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How would you choose paint color?

7 years ago

Hi everyone. New to this board. On the kitchen board a lot. I am trying to choose a neutral paint color for a condo in FL. I cannot go and look at samples in real life. We have just put in medium dark walnut floors and will have bright white trim to match new bright white kitchen cabinets. I love color, but want a neutral background. We have a lot of art with blue and turquoise in it and other pretty bright colors like coral and pink and green. Sofas are a periwinkle slipcover. I think I will decide between Revere Pewter at either 100% or 75% or 50% or Stonington Gray. My painter has sent me videos of a house he is painting that has used Revere Pewter at 50% and Stonington Gray at 100%. I look at a lot of RP pics and sometimes it looks too tan. I like the gray tone of Stonington more, but I just saw it in person and it looked pink. Anyway, how would you choose a color if you can't see it in person? I am going to have the painter put up swatches. We are on the ocean, with sliding doors looking out facing northeast. I will send a few pics. One window on the northwest side of room.

Here is sofa in showroom.

Here is tile that will be an accent in kitchen with white cabinets and white quartz counters.

Would love anyone's thoughts on these two gray options or any other BM colors.

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