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Need help staining alder dresser

7 years ago

HI, bought beautiful unfinished alder dresser for my spanish colonial place. I've used wood conditioner and gel stains before, but has great pic and recipe for color I want. Any one have experience using Golden Fruitwood dye, then Zinsser Sealcoat and then gel stain?I appreciate any input. Im getting cold feet, afraid I"ll mess up, even though I have sample boards to get my stain right: Here is link to #2 effect: (and text)

Alder is a wood that doesn’t accept stains very well, resulting in
blotchy color. Even though we’re going for a rustic or distressed
appearance, a blotchy stain can still look downright ugly. Perhaps try
this finishing method to get nice, even color. For greater effect, fill
the cracks with black epoxy before applying this finish.

  1. Apply a light colored dye. In this sample, that’s Golden Fruitwood, and it makes a light reddish to pink color.
  2. Apply a sealer. Zinsser SealCoat is a fine choice because it’s
    universal. One coat is all you need, let it dry, then if it feels like
    it needs it, do a quick and light scuff sand to remove dust nibs in the
  3. Apply a gel stain to glaze the color. For this sample we used Old
    Masters Dark Walnut Gel Stain, which is a very dark brown. Wipe it on to
    the surface, then wipe it off. Be careful to be gentle enough that the
    gel leaves a good, even coat of color on the board.

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