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How much/what do you have from your own childhood?

8 years ago

A big part of my decluttering right now is thinning down young DD's outgrown stuff, trying to use good judgment about what she will want to have/see again when she is an adult.

In contrast to this is also thinning out some of my personal possessions from childhood. My mother seemed to save everything, no matter how poor the condition was. So much of what she saved, I got rid of immediately upon seeing it again, either because I didn't remember the item, didn't care about the item, or the condition was so bad. Much of what she found to give, she ended up giving only after my own child was too old to enjoy it, thus no familial meaning- so no reason to keep it. I kept toys and dolls that were in good condition and meaningful to me, and have 1 large plastic container in the closet with these items. From time to time I go through it to see if anything doesn't speak to me as much as it once did.

DH has little from his childhood- a couple of books, a denim jacket for a small child (??? no idea the significance of it, except that it's nice), but that's really about it. I think in many ways he is luckier to not have that burden come back to him. For the most part, I didn't want my kid to have my out-dated hand-me-down toys, but rather have current toys that reflected the times and interests of her childhood.

A friend of ours roams ebay nostalgically wishing that she had kept toys she had, or toys that her [now grown] children had, but it seems like the memory is often in much better condition than the toys actually were.

Just thinking today, I guess :) Curious how much others have carried with them through their lives, if anything. Glad for it? Any regrets?

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