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Weed B Gon and Grass Seeds

7 years ago

The label of Weed B Gon Max w/ Crabgrass Control says to wait
4 weeks after application to sow grass seed.
For several reasons, I’m trying to understand why this wait is

First, it’s a post-emergent, isn’t it? The active ingredients Quinclorac, 2,4-D, and
Dicamba are not pre-emergents. Why would
it prevent grass seeds from germinating?
Second, the majority of the sprayed on product is going to be absorbed
by the leaves of the weeds (not go onto/into the soil to be sucked up by roots),
and I thought any of the product that fell onto the soil is inert anyway, so
again, why would it prevent grass seed germination? Lastly, and I’m semi-joking here, but 1) if
it’s safe for grass, wouldn’t it also be safe for grass seeds?, and 2) even if there was a small amount of product on the
soil and it wasn’t inert, it’s safe for grass, so any grass seedlings shouldn’t
be affected.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding the “why” for the long wait, and
it’s not a germination issue. Is the
reason simply to give the product time to work, and to completely kill the
weeds before seeding? I guess waiting
until the weeds are killed and “gon” so there is more ground for the seeds
to fall onto makes sense for good germination, but still, is it really
necessary to wait a full 4 weeks before seeding?

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