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Jap Maple Q's,Seeds,Seedlings;Branches.Lots of Pix.Gardengal ~ Houzi

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Hi Guys

Just a few more enquiries about Japanese Maple

I have included a selection of photographs to help you AMAP.....

Firstly about the Seedlings in the first 2 Pictures...

Would you suggest leaving these little fellas outdoors until they totally shed their leaves before placing them in the garage for the dormancy winter period.....

When will be the best time to bring them out of the garage.I would assume the end of February for us here in the UK providing any Frost has disappeared by that time.Should I maybe wait until buds appear or is this not essential.

Secondly,Pictures 3 & 4 show the Trunk of a 4 year old Maple.At the Junction you can see 4 Branches are all coming off at exactly the same level.This doesn't necessarily look like the best Configuration of Branches...Any suggestions or advice on this issue please

Thirdly and finally Pictures 5,6 & 7 show some recently planted JM Bloodgood Seeds into 1" Square Cells.The Compost & Perlite mix is a 50/50 ratio.

Will these be ok left exposed as they are without any protection.Would the Cells be better elevated from the surface and perhaps slightly protected with a Makeshift Slanted roof on miniature columns.They are infact the plastic moulded base cells from a propagation kit..The top is a clear plastic vented cover.

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