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American Wisteria OK to plant near house?

6 years ago

My wife and I planted some Amethyst Falls wisteria alongside our house. They're planted about 1ft from the foundation. At first I read that since it's an American Wisteria is very controllable, but now I'm concerned that it's just "more controllable" than the Asian varieties.

Does anyone know whether this vine will actually grow through your foundation walls? Right now I don't see any sign the roots have sprung through the foundation (no signs of moisture leaking through). I'm not concerned about the exterior walls--they're sealed well and have no cracks and I can keep the vine away from the downspouts/windowsills. I just want to know if anyone knows anything about the roots. I appreciate any responses

If American Wisteria is a problem, what alternatives are there other than grapevines? (We already have some grapevines on the other side of the house and I don't want to go overboard). We live in the Chicago area.

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