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In desperate need of advice for 30 inch kitchen range

7 years ago

Hey All,

Longtime lurker here now with an excuse to post. In a bit of a quandary and thought perhaps gardenweb could help. Just moved into a new house and we are replacing the old appliances. Currently have an electric range which is going, we hate it. Went to a showroom over the weekend to have a look at what was out there, and after being quoted on some appliances and coming back to investigate on the internet how they fared on consumer reports/here/chowhound, and various ratings, my mom and I are at a complete loss and much more confused than ever. The more I read, the more I have no idea.

There are certain requirements for the stove which helps when narrowing down the playing field, but then we get stuck. Requirements are as follows:

-has to be a range- this is non negotiable due to the design of the kitchen. We don't want to replace the cabinetry (because it's 25+ years old and that would be impossible), or the countertops. Slide in range is preferred, but it *could* be a stand alone as well.

-ideally the range will be duel-fuel, but if we must we would get a gas range.

-must be self-cleaning oven.

-should not be a range where if the broiler is used and the door is opened to check on food, the oven turns off. That won't fly.

-between buying a range and a hood, we don't want to spend more than $6,500 total. If the kitchen is redone down the line (which is the plan), the range will be replaced by a rangetop/cook top and a wall oven (mom has back issues which makes bending down to reach into a range oven difficult, but as long as I'm here I can do that for her).

-ease of cleaning the grates and stove. Shouldn't be grates that slice your hands when lifted out to scrub, or a finish on the stove that rubs away when given a good cleaning.

there are other hopes that while not deal breakers would be nice such as:

-buying from a company where customer service is good enough that if something does happen and go wrong, we're not going to be ignored if a part needs to be replaced or there are issues with the product. As it should be brand with good reliability. Reading up on the issue with self-clean in Wolf Duel Fuel ranges and the porcelain cracking/crazing is not an assuring thing, but it is good to hear how accommodating the company is when issues do arise. Hearing about plastic knobs that melt, ovens that are so hot when used that no one can go near the door, or what has happened with viking becoming so unreliable aren't really confidence boosters.

-my mom would prefer a four burner range, and not the four with the middle griddle as we'd never use it.

-would be nice to have metal and not plastic knobs.

Originally came home liking the Wolf, and a Kitchen Aid, but realizing that there was a $2,000 difference in order to have a self-cleaning oven is ridiculous.

Models that all seem like they might be a possibility are the Dacor Distinctive, Bosch 800 series, Thermador Pro-Harmony, GE Monogram, Jenn-Air Duel Fuel models.

Is there anyone out there that has one of these lines and would highly recommend? If so- what do you like/love so much about it?

Appreciate any feedback given.


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