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Kitchen layout help - so confused!

8 years ago

I am currently getting bids for a new kitchen. I have a very simple, small galley kitchen. 10' x 9'. Because it's so small, I just assumed I would keep the same general layout, but maybe add a 24" pantry to the space at one end. I just met with a contractor and he's given some options and now I don't know what to do...

So - I thought gardenweb was the place to turn! I've attached photos of my kitchen and then the different layout options he suggested. I know these are pretty lousy layouts, but all I have at the moment.

I've also included pics of the current kitchen.

I have an open 2' space to the right of the oven, and I initially thought that would be a great spot for a pantry. The GC gave me some this idea:

Move the oven over and add the 24" to the cooktop area. As you can see, I currently have minimal space next to the cooktop - about 18". THEN - open up the wall above the cooktop, to the ceiling and extend the countertop into my family room - which is on the other side of the wall. Instead of a double oven, he suggests an oven/microwave combo, which will give me more counterspace. AND, I should add - it's only me in the house. I occasionally have parties, but I've never used the 2nd oven - I guess I thought I should keep it for resale, even though I don't have plans to move. The oven/micro combo sounds better the more I think about it.

On the other side, and because I want a pantry, either put the pantry on the far right, or far left.

I will also be removing the soffits and taking the cabinets to the ceiling with 42" cabinets. And doing the other customary stuff like new light fixtures, sink and faucet.

So – your opinions, please. Keep it simple? Or open up the wall and extend the cooktop area? Or don’t open the wall, but still extend the cooktop area?

In advance, thank you so much for your help.

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