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Little Tudor Kitchen remodel week 1

7 years ago

The much delayed remodel in our 1920's Tudor revival has finally started! We're going from a 10x11 kitchen to a 10x11 kitchen with one less doorway and one less wall and a bigger window and a more efficient use of space. I've got some great help on this forum helping sort out what I could and couldn't do with the space limitations.

Interesting note that the doorways were built with actual 2x4s as in 2" by 4" exactly and none of this modern 1.75 by 3.75 stuff. The plaster will sadly have to come down because we have to redo the window and electrical and plumbing but it'll give us an extra inch of wiggle room since it was on so thick.

Couple of pics to start (hard to take since it's a small space): Those cabinets are refaced on the outside but I think from the 50's on the inside. Lots of piecemeal remodels in this space by previous owners.


After day 2:

Excited and nervous but I trust in my GC (who's done lots of work for my parents and neighbors and is slow but meticulous and has told my husband yesterday that he would really like me to be home between 5 and 5:30 so can go over the days work and next days plan and any special details which I appreciate and he clearly learned from working with my mom ;) )

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