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Late winter/early spring perennial garden

I've been reading The Layered Garden by David L. Culp. The
idea is that a flower garden "offers four seasons of beauty from a single patch
of ground." I realized that other than pansies and violas and a handful
of hyacinth bulbs (which are beautiful and very fragrant, until a warm
day dries them out), I don't have anything blooming during the late
winter/early spring time frame. The hollies and beauty berry have
berries, the evergreens and deciduous trees give structure, and the
ornamental grasses and perennials that I leave standing throughout
winter are of interest, but I would like to have more blooms to look
forward to in my full sun garden. So what do you enjoy seeing bloom at
that time of year?

By the way, I really enjoyed the book. It has
the most amazing photos, and although he gardens in Pennsylvania, the
concept will work anywhere.

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