Would you do this in your house? A laundry closet?

6 years ago

We are a busy family of 5 plus a dog. I live in a charming labor of love, our Cape Cod style home in New England. We redid the kitchen about 3 years ago. Now onto the bathroom situation. I have only one full bathroom, upstairs. Our downstairs bathroom is located at the end of a hallway outside my kitchen, and has a pedestal sink, commode and washer/dryer.

A bit further down the hall, I have a pantry/closet that we use for misc. things like Costco overflow of toilet paper and paper towels, we throw the kids backpacks in there, sports equipment, etc. It's a mish-mosh of storage.

If I gave up that closet, I could relocate most of the things we store there to the basement stairs, where we have a good amount of shelving along the basement wall.

Doing this, would allow me to make a laundry closet in there, with a stackable washer/dryer and some open shelving - which would open up my bathroom for a second shower, that we desperately need.

The other option is to move walls, doorways, etc. and bump out the bathroom, to make space for the washer/dryer in the bathroom. But, I kinda like the idea of having laundry outside of the bathroom so that if someone is using the shower, I don't nee to wait for them to finish, to change over laundry.

Is it weird to have laundry in the hallway, in a closet? Would you keep a door on it, or leave it open and integrate to the hallway, with some built-in shelving?

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