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Lets Talk About Bleach Baby, Lets Talk About You And ...

8 years ago

I have some questions about things I've noticed..1'st oxygen Bleach ( Sodium Percarbonate) AKA The Color Safe Bleach. Do you use this on darks or colors? Do you believe the term Color Safe is true? My feelings are its a sure way to fade clothing, if not with 1'st time use surely over time it will cause substantial fading, Which is why I only use it on whites and pastels..I've noticed in the US consumers have no problem believing the slogan of Color Safe, where as Europeans have long known Oxygen Bleach should only be used on whites and lights. I suppose this is because Europeans know the benefits of using two different detergents and americans want it all in one. So do any of you use it regularly in colors with no adverse affects?

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