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September 2015 what looks good/bad/awful in your garden?

7 years ago

Hi everyone,

WOW, it was a delightful 74 F outside in the garden this morning. The long, easy, gentle gardening season is just around the corner. I can smell it, hah!

Okay, sure, we'll have plenty of heat before then, but once the nights start cooling off I know I'll make it, even if some of my plants won't, LOL.

Things that look tired in the garden: aeoniums for sure, and some crassula-relative succulents too. Scented geraniums look a bit ratty but most are alive and will perk up once it really cools off.

Looking great: Stapelias, vincas, pipe vines, lantana, oleander, ornamental sweet potatoes, and lots of other things. What about in your garden?

Here's some "lazy hibiscus", Malvaviscus drummondii in pink and red. They've been blooming nonstop since mid-spring. Such great shrubs for this climate.

Good old "Arizona poinsettia", Euphorbia heterophylla, looking good. Oh sure, it's a bit weedy, but it's pretty!

"Arizona sweets" oranges are starting to swell up again and should ripen this winter. They're looking good!

Ruellia elegans' foliage is a teeny bit tired, but it's growing vigorously and blooming like crazy. The foliage will look great again in a month or so.

Matucana madisoniorum continues to bloom and bloom and bloom on the patio (available in reds, oranges, ivories, and in-betweens). So easy here. Wilson the tennis ball to show size.

How are things looking in your garden?

Happy gardening,


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