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Please, help me with the stairs in my midcentury split-level!

8 years ago

I am in need of some design direction! We've been slowly updating our 1958 split level - or rather, we've been backdating it: undoing the colonial details added by the previous owners and bringing it back to it's midcentury roots. I apologize in advance for the length of this!

When we bought it, the family entry area of the house was carpeted in a dark green carpet.

We initially planned to take the carpet up and tile, but when we removed the carpet, we were completely surprised to find flagstone! It was covered with a layer of chipping floor leveler, which we painstakingly removed.

It still needs to be thoroughly cleaned and sealed, but that's the basic state of affairs. Down 5 steps from there (down the steps by the guy with the starfish on his face) is the lowest level of the house. The lowest level has our laundry room, a powder room, and a rec room area. When we bought the house, this lowest level had a cheap laminate floating floor. However, we recently had a sewer line backup, so now that floating floor is gone and we had the concrete polished. It's a bit rough in places - it was broom-finished in places and had been painted at some point, and not all of it polished out. We're happy with it, though, which is what matters!

So we're getting closer to my actual question: the stairs between these two levels. When we bought the house, they were carpeted. We've now removed the carpet and here's what we have:

They're the same flagstone in the room above, but heavily paint-splattered and with a healthy dollop of mastic that was used to adhere plywood to them for the carpet. The tread depths of the stairs vary from a high of 9.5" to a terrifying 6" on the lowest step. Since we're not interested in breaking our ankles anytime soon, we've decided we need to address this!

So here we are! If you're still with me, here's the actual question: what should we do with the stairs? I think they should be the same material as one of the adjoining floor surfaces, which means we can go either with concrete, or with flagstone. My options as I see them are this:

1. Have a concrete person come and make new steps with nice equal tread depths, in a concrete that hopefully can match (or come close to matching) the existing concrete.

2. Have a stone person come and demolish the last step and rebuild it with an appropriate depth.

3. Have a stone person come and demolish all the steps and rebuild the entire thing to have matching tread depths.

4. something else that I haven't thought of?

So.....your thoughts, O wise gardenwebbers? I am really looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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