Modernize existing bathrooms, or build master bathroom?

6 years ago

We just bought a house and have no intentions to move, but we have also learned that life can throw you curveballs at any time, so we'd like to be prepared. The house is 60 years old and we've done a lot of updating in record time (new roof, hardwood everywhere, tiled Florida room, full repaint, etc. etc.), but we haven't yet touched the bathrooms. There are two small bathrooms, one 50's style (yellow and green, not in a good way, with no natural light) and the other more recent (70's? 80's?) but with a spectacularly tacky leopard skin wallpaper. There is no bathroom attached to the master, but there is a bathroom right next to it for use by all bedrooms. We don't mind sharing, but we know that's one of the issues the sellers had. We already checked that there is room to build a small bathroom attached to the master if need be. The other bathroom is on the opposite side of the house near the kitchen, and has a tiny shower stall (main bathroom has tub/shower combo).

So finally, the question: what should we plan to do first, update the existing bathrooms or build the master bathroom? I expect it will be a year before we can get to either project, but we have to budget/gather the money in advance. My husband and I have different opinions on this, and we would appreciate some feedback.

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