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Where can I buy IKEA Ramsjo white cabinet doors? (help!)

8 years ago

Any suggestions on where to source a few IKEA Ramsjo white cabinet doors now that IKEA discontinued them AND ran completely out of stock 1-2 months before it expected to? I looked around online and am coming up with nothing, which surprises me. I am *half* done with a small tenant's kitchen - did the top half not the bottom half, then took a break, and learned very late about IKEA having discontinued this style - I just need doors for a 30" - so, two 15" x 30" doors, and perhaps a dishwasher panel 18" or 24" by 30" - and while I'd love to be able to source a few backup doors for my bigger kitchen using that style of IKEA door, at least I'd like the basics for the half-installed kitchen, so I don't have a mismatch.

Thanks for any suggestions


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