Help identifying white sapote cultivar

6 years ago

Hi! I'm new to the forum and also to growing fruit. I put in several trees this year.

White sapote is one of my favorite fruits so in addition to the 'Suebelle' sapling, I bought a more mature tree that's already fruiting. I got this tree from Bonita Creek Nursery in San Diego. It's grafted but the employees who were on site that day didn't know what kind it is.

I know this is a long shot but I wonder if anyone can help me narrow down what cultivar this white sapote could be (beyond "not Suebelle"). I guess in the end it doesn't really matter what it's called as long as I like the fruit - but I'm curious. So if anyone can chime in with a "hey, that sounds like this one I grow" that'd be great!

It was fruiting when I bought it at the beginning of august; it's now flowering again. That tells me that it's fairly everbearing, or at least double cropping, in august and sometime in the winter (I guess late winter) - in San Diego. I don't know what schedule it'll end up keeping once it adjusts to the seasons up here in north LA.

Leaves are smooth, no fuzz.

The fruit are yellowish-green, with yellow cheeks, but slightly greener than the color balance in the below photo implies. Flesh is ivory.

Fruit shape appears to be consistent in Casimiroa cultivars, so that e.g. Chestnut reliably produces remarkably round fruit and so forth. The fruits on this tree were of varying sizes but all had very similar shapes.

Note the way the bottom of the fruit (the part opposite the stem end) is offset at an extreme angle. Also note the rough skin. That eliminates many of the green-skinned Casimiroa cultivars I'm aware of.

The fruit that fell off in the car ripened readily off the tree in about a week and a half. The fruit that remained on the tree was still green when ripe. skin was thinner than other white sapote fruit I've had, and translucent. The flavor was very distinctly of creme brulee - that burnt sugar taste - and consistent between multiple fruits. There was no hint of bitterness in the skin or in the part of the flesh that got bruised from rolling around the car, so that also seems to eliminate some of the older varieties.

Well, it was quite tasty so I hope it sets some more fruit! There are a lot of flowers on it.

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