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Purchased a new washer - Maytag Bravos XL steam MVWB755DW

7 years ago

It was finally time to replace our economy washer. (Estate brand, over 11 years old.) I thought it was doing fine (but I don't get dirty), but my husband was not thrilled with it. He works outside. I'm honestly not sure any machine will please him by itself, and that he doesn't need to soak his clothes sometimes, but we've each done our own laundry for over 15 years, so that isn't my call.

But, the machine really had started walking around the laundry room and was leaking a bit, so I agreed to a new one. We narrowed it down pretty quickly to type - front loaders were immediately out and with the top loaders, we decided not to go back with an agitator. That left the HE top loaders to sort through. We spent a few days reading online reviews for the models that were available to us in the area and in our budget (under $800).

We decided on the Maytag Bravos XL steam 4.8cf. It didn't have a ton of reviews, but the majority of negatives seemed to be from people who had not read the manual. It went on sale for 10% off, and I used my Lowes card for another 5% off, so I did go ahead and have enough room in the budget to add in an additional 3 year warranty. Washer, warranty, and tax was around $768. I'm normally not one to buy the extended warranties, but the extreme reviews on all the washers made me feel it might be worth it.

Took the old washer out - pretty gross under it. We at first had thought about trying to sale it cheaply, but I think we might just scrap it since it does have some issues. I do think I want to take it apart and see what the outer drum looks like. I keep trying to convince DH that fabric softener causes buildup and residue, and I really want to see if that was true in our machine.

We've done about 15 loads since we purchased it. I haven't tried out all the different cycles yet, but I'm working on it. (Bedding, Clean Washer With Affresh, Cold Wash, Deep Water Wash, Delicates, Normal, Powerwash, Rinse & Spin, Sanitary With Oxi & Steam, Soak, Wrinkle Control) So far I think it is great. It has a solid door, so you can't see it washing, but I have used the pause button so that I could peek in during the cycle. I know there isn't a lot of love for the HE TLs on this site, but I haven't run into some of the problems I saw mentioned for some models - no unbalanced loads, you can tell the clothes were all wet uniformly, clothes now dry so much faster, allowing me to go to low heat for many loads.

We're using up some of the pods right now (Tide and Gain). DH may continue to stick with them. I have some STPP ordered that I may suggest he add a bit to his loads to see if he can tell a difference. I purchased some of the Persil power pearls at Wal-Mart. I know this isn't the same Persil formulation that was always raved over, but they seemed to work fine for the one load I did. Not sure where I'll ultimately end up detergent wise. I'm a member of the "as much fragrance as you can get" club versus the free and clears. The majority of our detergent choices, in fact, have been made on smell.

I'm looking forward to doing more loads and learning the best settings. (You can choose temp, soil level, and spin speed, as well as things like extra rinse, oxi, etc.)

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