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Can I paint my walls light gray with this dark brown carpet on Stairs?

8 years ago

Hi experts. Out of a bit of desperation we purchased a home. Long story but we needed to find one quickly. Anyway, it's lovely but the interior is the opposite of my style. Beige and traditional when I am all about grays and transitional. I don't want to put a lot of money into the home as I don't imagine we'll live here for more than a couple years but am considering painting the interior to match my favorite color palette. My question. Can I have my gray walls with this stair carpet? It's the only pic I have at the moment and it's not a great color representation but it's the very common dark brown "designer" stair carpet with beige design on it. My grays are SW Repose Gray, Argos, Gray Matters, and Eider White. The current color is Desert Sand. I don't think I'll paint if it means replacing the carpet. I'm not interested in being "risky". I find things more calming when they don't clash. ;) Thank you for your thoughts.

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