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I have begun to separate myself from my garden

mxk3 z5b_MI
6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

May seem like an odd statement, but I realized today I have started to separate myself from the lovely gardens I have created. We're hoping to move within the next year or two (almost there....) and instead of viewing the beds with the "how can I make it better" lens it's now the "what am I going to take with me" and the "if I dig this to take with me, what annual should I plop in there to fill if the house shows in the summer" lenses. It's kind of a weird feeling....I'm still enjoying what I've created, but I now feel detached - if not entirely, then to a large degree.

Not tempted by any new plants, either. I'm still buying things like fall mums or filler annuals from some bedraggled-looking pots - I bought a lovely sunflower today and some pansies to replace some stuff in pots. I'll probably buy some tulips for the spring, that's a fall custom I suppose, and I'll be here in the spring for sure to enjoy them (I replace tulips every year). I bought some perennials in the spring (those dwarf monkshood I'd been looking all over for) and a rugosa rose that still have yet to be planted; I'm debating planting in the ground, as I'd probably take both with me -- the dwarf monkhood is very hard to find, and rugosas can be too. I also have another potted ugosa rose that hasn't found a home yet after the major patio re-build, so same story there. They should all easily over-winter, although I should re-pot the monkshood into a mix of potting soil and dirt instead of that super-fast-drying pure potting soil stuff the nurseries use.

Thanks for letting me ramble :0)

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