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How to hang/anchor exterior ceramic wall sculpture

8 years ago

Thought I was posting this in the home forum but it went into a Houzz discussion instead - I was really trying to be fair early on but I really hate that Houzz bought GardenWeb, but that is neither here nor there.

Anyway - I have three ceramic geckos which i want to hang on the outside of my house. I've attached a picture showing the gecko, the back of the gecko, and where on my house I want to hang it. Depending on how you measure it, each gecko is about 18" by 15" to 18" by 1" to 1 1/2" and each weighs about 3 lbs 6 oz. On the back of each is a built-in ceramic bar across the back to hang it from (the orientation varies for each gecko but they all have one). The legs/feet are not flush with the back of the gecko. The house is cinder block with vertical wood siding. The place where I want to hang them is a large niche on the front of the house which is protected somewhat from the wind and other elements.

Since the pieces are not terribly heavy, I was thinking a large picture hook (as long as it fits the bar) would be a good initial attachment point but I'd like to add some additional anchor points for 3 primary reasons: 1) to protect it from moving around in the wind, 2) to orient it in a specific way, and 3) to make it harder to steal (they will be on the front of the house). What do people think would be the best method to do so?

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