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Agonizing over decision between Bluestar 48" and Gagg/Therm Induction!

7 years ago

Will someone please come to my rescue? I have spent every last waking moment of my spare time this past week researching the pros and cons of gas vs. induction and am still undecided!! My contractor needs to know by this Sunday which way I will go....I need to decide ASAP.

Initially I had planned to go gas and was quite excited about my Bluestar 48" rangetop with double griddle (I really want that griddle!). However, I kept on reading on this forum about how great induction was and how induction owners would neeeeever go back to gas. The ease of cleaning, less heat in kitchen, faster heat up times, no nitrogen dioxide emission from gas combustion -- all of that is extremely appealing to me. However, getting a 36 inch induction cooktop does have its limitations. I really want a griddle function on my cooking surface and I don't think i could really have a true griddle if I go induction. I know there are bridge options, but I want a griddle without hotspots (ie. the spots directly under the inductors since the inductors won't span the entire width and length of the griddle). I thought that zoneless induction would be the way to go since it can accommodate large cooking vessels, but after testing out the Gagg Full Surface this past week, I was sorely disappointed. Not sure if my pans were to blame (I tested with All-Clad stainless) but the the cooking was so incredibly uneven! My pancakes were white on the outer portions but VERY browned in the middle and my omelet was raw on one side. I toasted bread in a skillet and had extremely uneven browning. When I boiled scant amounts of water, I could see that the bubbles were not evenly dispersed at all, to the point where the salesman was wondering if some inductors were not activating.

I next tested the Thermador 5 hob and although it was much better than the Gagg Full Surface, my pancakes still cooked unevenly (burned in the middle and white on the outsides) and the omelet was slightly raw on one side. Perhaps this is due to a faulty pan? I was using an All-Clad nonstick skillet. The Gagg tests were done with the AC nonstick as well as AC stainless.

My main requirements for my cooking surface are:

1) Ability to cook 2 or 3 large pans (11 inch diameter on the bottom) at once. Well, really 2 large pans regularly and 3 occasionally. We host a ton and I need something that can stand up to cooking for large groups of people.

2) Even cooking. The ability to brown food evenly across the pan!!

3) Griddle function would be great, but not an absolute necessity.

I know the Bluestar can fulfill all of those requirements but the siren call of easy cleanup, less heat and no gas byproduct emission is tripping me up!!

Any Bluestar owners out there who wish they had gone induction?

Bluestar owner or not, I would love your input, thank you!!!

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