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Trim colors on exterior brick ranch and photoshop help needed.

8 years ago

I have tried to use the paint store app but I am just not savvy enough to figure it out. I have decided to paint the trim on my brick ranch using a couple of shades of gray. (medium and dark grays, I think). I get really confused when I start thinking about what shades on what parts. Like for instance, the downspouts keep throwing me off. Or the door color will throw me off. I'm going nuts! Please save me. Lol.

Here are some facts to consider. I am getting a new replacement door. It will be a 2/3 door with 4 glass panes at the top. The storm door will be gone and there will be slightly different molding around the door. I can't decide on whether to paint or stain the new door. I'm open to either. I am meeting with a landscaper this month and will be moving some things and adding some things around the front to improve the overall appearance. I know I need some height and different color shrubs. Its coming....

I would like to use Sherwin Williams paint if possible. I keep getting drawn to the gray/greens...connected grey (6165), or pewter green (7749). I haven't actually tested anything yet against my brick. It would be fun to pick a nice fun color for the door, but that may be too much with everything else going on. My brick is very busy looking.

Any thoughts? Anyone willing to photoshop something for me?

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