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Please Help - Gray Leaf Spot on St. Augustine

7 years ago

Hi - I'm a relatively new homeowner trying to take control over a neglected St. Augustine lawn in north central FL. Since moving in I've applied some weed and feed in early June which did seem to green the lawn some. I started noticing some weeds and sprayed some Ortho Weed B Gone Max on parts of the lawn in July. About a week later, I noticed some yellowing of areas. I took a sample into the local IFAS office here and got a diagnosis of gray leaf spot and rhizoctonia leaf and sheath blight (rhizoctonia zeae). All the while, we've been getting a lot of rain here and the temps are well above 90 with high humidity. I'm assuming my application of weed killer really stressed the lawn and encouraged fungal growth.

My big question is where to go from here? I've read on here that the fungus sort of recedes in the cooler months. Should I just wait it out? Is there anything else I can do?

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