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Shower controls advice requested...

8 years ago

We're planning an ensuite reno and we will be creating a new shower. I'm shopping for the fixtures and am confused by plumbing terminology.

We want a control that allows water on/off without changing the temperature. In this day of water conservation, we want to be able to set the water temperature once, then turn the water on and off repeatedly while shampooing, shaving, etc.

Not sure if this is pertinent, but we're planning for both a rain & a handheld shower head, so I realize that we'll also need a 'diverter' type control.

Plumbing fixture companies use terms such as 'pressure balancing', 'thermostatic', etc, but I'm not sure which term(s) apply to the functionality that we want. We live in a small town so I'm doing a lot of online research before heading to the city.

Thanks in advance to all the plumbing aficionados out there who are willing to reply.

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