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moving a young tree peony

8 years ago

On impulse I bought a tree peony from a supermarket for only about 5 euros. I was surprised and pleased to find that it actually does produce some rather beautiful flowers. But I am finding that the place in which I planted it is just too hot and dry to be very adapted as a rose-and-perennial area, and would like to re-vamp this area, planting some trees (example: Italian cypress and a redbud,both of which tolerate heat and dryness very well) which would be more adapted to the location, and might provide some shade for the rest of the garden. I have no fear about moving the roses; they accept it very well, but the tree peony? do these plants tolerate being moved? mine is only about 2-3 years old,maybe a foot and a half high. As I said, if I did lose it I wouldn't be out a lot of money, but I would be rather sorry, since it's kind of a nice plant, and being a no-name supermarket bargain, I couldn't replace it. Any advice is welcome!

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