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Thining about Roses for the first time in many years

Steve Johnston
7 years ago


I used to be a fairly avid rose grower and even did some hybridizing but after I moved to Idaho, I ended up moving on to other things. I was overly busy, my favorite rose vendors went out of business (Ashdowns for example), I started on another hobby and my kids needed me more than my roses.

Its been a good number of years but during all this time, every spring when I caught the smells from a garden center or fresh earth, man I would miss them.

The kids are getting a little older now and my other hobby is turning out to be just to darn expensive so I find myself thinking more and more about going back to growing roses.

I have always been a Buck rose fan and even now have few around the yard. Still have Aunt Honey, Country Dancer, Spanish Rhapsody, Golden Unicorn, Hawkeye Belle, Prairie Sunset and Apple Jack.

My largest rose is J5 which came out of the Ag Canada program. Its been climbing up a ratty pear tree for a number of hears how and is as tall as my house. Probably pushing 20ft high. Its comically large and in the spring when it blooms, its spectacular.

I also have a number of hybrid spinosissima roses like Hazeldean, Prarie Peace, Yellow Altai and Beauty if Leafland. All of the spins are suckering nightmares and are taking over my back yard a little bit at a time.

One of my favorite roses and one that has done very well here in the Boise Idaho climate is Freisinger Morgenröte. Also have a near dead Autumn Sunset, a stingy Velvet Fragrance, a near dead Casino (it may actually be dead, I have not looked recently), a ratty min rose called Special Angel, my favorite min rose Tangerine Jewel, a MONSTER Jeanne Lajoie and a few other odds and ends here and there.

The real reason I am posting is I am thinking of actively growing roses again. Or at the very least taking care of the ones I have. I really miss them and the rose growing community as well.

This leads me to a question, where is the on-line 'hub' for rose growers? I used to be on Garden Web but some heavy handed admin by Sp!ke frustrated me and I ended up on a place called Rosarians Corner. RC was an active group when I left but when I came back today, its pretty much gone.

Was planning to post a photo with this but I cant find all my rose photos. I have hundreds of them somewhere. Oh well, time to take a few more then.

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