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Do you have a speed oven in island or under counter

8 years ago

I'm looking for feedback from anyone who has recently installed the advantium (or any other speed oven) in island or under counter. Past threads are old and I couldn't find many posts of people who actually have lived with them installed under counter.

It works best for our plan to have in island, next to cooktop. Plus I love the idea of just standing at the island and being able to pull out microwaved / speed cooked food to family sitting at the island across from me.

however, my appliance guy strongly recommends against it (although he says a lot of people do it), due to the fact that you have to bend down and it gets inconvenient (unlike a MW drawer). We would be using the microwave function a lot (no other MW in kitchen), as well as the speed function. We have 2 elementary aged boys and I'm expecting the advantium to be our workhorse for a long time coming.

I'd like to know if under counter speed oven has been a pain when used daily. TIA!

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