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Can used a bit of assistance in by designing of a surge tank ebb and f

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

I'm in the middle of making Manny difrant systems,and I got a few issues to work out in my ebb and flow, useing a surge tank.first big one is what float valves do I need to order and exactly how do I set the surge tank up with these valves? Do I really need 2? Or can I simplify it?

basic scetch of my system. I need the timer to turn on my pump in the red to fill the surge tank,no biggie here.the surge tank sets my bucket fill level.then it gets tricky.I need a float valve to turn on the pump in the surge tank to return water to the res.when the timer shuts off the red pump I need the surge tank to keep pumping to empty the buckets and surge tank back into the res.then I need a way to shut the surge tank pump off at this point.this is where the second float valve may come in.only question,is how do I install and wire the valves so they opperate the pump like I need?
Second biggie,is when I go to expand my system,as I will get to a point to where it takes to long to fill the plants attached, can I simply add an additional surge tank if my resume can support it?along with an additional pump in the red of course.

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