Best rose for the vase & bouquets of no-spray roses

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I went through all the previous threads on best roses for the vase, and put them in a list.

AUSTINS FOR THE VASE: Perdita, Jayne Austin, Swan, Dove. Fair Bianca (one week), Tradescant & Tess of d’uberville (4 days), The Squire (1 week), Claire Rose, Princess Alexandra.

AVERAGE: Golden Cel., Evelyn, Prospero, The Prince, English Garden, Sweet Juliet, ,Abraham Darby.

SHATTERS: Tamora, Heritage, Ambridge rose, Graham Thomas, Scepter d’ Isle, Queen of Sweden.

Niels in Denmark compiled days in the vase: Heritage 2 Tradescant 4 William Shakespeare 2000 3 Brother Cadfael 5 Benjamin Britten 5 Golden Celebration 3 Scepter D Isle 3 Alnwick Castle 3 Crocus Rose 3 Teasing Georgia 3 Glamis Castle 4 Falstaff 4 Othello 5 Graham Thomas 3 Evelyn 3 Wisley 3

Crocus Rose 4 Abraham Darby 3 The Dark Lady 3 Charles Austin 3

Brother Cadfael, Benjamin Britten and Othello have the best vase life of the Austins. WS2000 (5 days). Sharifa and Carding Mill (3 days). Pegasus and Bishops
Castle make good cut-flowers. Pretty Jessica (few thorns & good cut flower).

Sunset Celebration Tournament of Roses Tuscan Sun Granada
Louise Odier Don Juan French Lace Peace Fragrance Cloud Veteran's Honor

Black Magic Touch Of Class Fragrant Cloud Memorial Day
Olympiad Veteran's Honor Valencia Fragrant Plum Bride's Dream
Touch of Class Olympiad St Patrick Helmut Schmidt
Elina, Kentucky Derby, Sunset Celebration, Moonstone, Bride's Dream, Flo
Nelson, Perfume Delight, Calico, St. Patrick, Tiffany, Alpine Sunset.

Old Garden Roses: Paul Neyron Mrs. b. cant Henry Nevard 'Archiduchesse Elisabeth d'Autriche' & 'Souvenir de la Malmaison'

For heat: "Betty White" "Moonstone" "Toulouse Latrec" "Yves Piaget" "Tournament of

OTHERS FOR VASE: Pascali and Prominent, Stainless steel (vase life
& scent). Papa Meilland, Rouge Royale, Bride's dream (thrips-fest), Valencia, Arizona, Floral Fairy Tale, Osiana, Imperatrice Farah, Black Baccara, Tineke, Frederic Mistral, Memorial Day.

*** From StrawChicago: I find that Betty White doesn't last long in the vase, although it's huge & fragrant. My favorite is Evelyn (4 days). Bronze Star is a surprise: very firm petals that lasts long in the vase, fantastic fruity scent. See below vase with Brozen Star (orange), pink is Sonia Rykiel (amazing fruity scent), white is Bolero (lasts 4 days if cut in bud-form), yellow is Crown Princess Magareta (good Austin for vase, so many of them to cut), right pink is Radio Times (3 days).

What are your favorite roses for the vase? Thanks for the info. First pic. most favorite big orange is Bronze Star, scent is just as good as Sutter's Gold, but Bronze Star lasts 5 days in the vase:

Below red Munstead Wood lasts just as long as light-pink Zeph Drouhin, about 3 days, same with Carding Mill (salmon-pink). Pic. taken 1st week of this June:

Below Aloha (middle pink) lasts twice longer in the vase than upper pink Comte de Chambord, pink below Aloha is Radio Times (3 days in the vase):

Below Evelyn (biggest pink) rules in any bouquet. Upper white is Mary Magdalene, lower white is Bolero (lasts 5 days in the vase like Evelyn).

Below pink Peace and Crown Princess Magareta are my favorites for the vase, lasting 4 to 5 days:

Below is Versigny (orangish pink), Evelyn is also in below bouquet:

Below has all my favorites for the vase: red Firefighter (5 days), orange Versigny (5 days), and pink Liv Tyler (4 days), plus Bolero (4 days):

Below Blue Poseidon lasts 5 days in the vase, and it's a continuous bloomer, giving more blooms than pink (Princess Charlene de Monaco), and Dee-lish (dark pink below).

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