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soil amendment question [bad clay soils]

8 years ago

Hello to all,

It was highly recommended that I amend my clay "soil" w two diff products:
dried molasses and cotton-seed-meal. The term "soil" here is really an insult.
I this part of TX, the top 4-5 feet can be made of a very nasty clay or
"gumbo-soil" as it's called.

We had our backyard landscaped, and the amt of topsoil used to prepare the
beds by landscaper was way less than I thought. a couple inches of mulch were
applied on the top after the plants were installed, so I could not see how much
soil was used.

we had a lot of rain in winter, May & June, now 35+ days of ZERO rain and
the heat is 100+, so we are watering a lot but this crappy soil is getting real
hard. It was recommended to mix a combination of dried molasses and c-seed meal
and then turn or mix into top 2-4 inches. I did so and watered heavily. The
next evening after sun all day, it had a pretty strong smell, not pleasant. Is
this common of this amendment process? Has anyone done this before?

I saw the results of another process like this and the plants just really
took off big-time. Cannot get a hold of those folks bc they are gone for
summer, so thought I would post it here.

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