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Hydrangeas newbie - PLease help Potted Hydrangeas

8 years ago


I am very new to gardening and planting flowers. I went to Lowe's last week and they had a bunch of Monrovia Mini Penny hydrangeas on sale due to the seasons coming to an end. I bought three containers and placed the hydrangeas on the east side of my house that gets mostly shade, but i noticed that the sun comes to the east side of the house between 3 and 4. Long story short, i came home from work and the leaves was burnt and wilted bad. So I moved them to the west side of the house where I actually have some hydrangeas planted in the ground. Same thing happen, I came home from work and the leaves was wilted and burnt again.

So my final move was to the porch. The porch definitely gets some morning sun and it looks looks like its getting filtered sun / shade? They sit behind some hedges at the moment which I do not know if that a good thing or not. I came home from work today and the leaves wasn't burnt or wilted.

1. Can you all tell me if you think this location is ok for the hydrangeas to thrive?

2.Do you think my other hydrangeas will survive with the burnt leaves on them?

3. Looking at the pictures do you think I can move them off the porch and place them at the front door? They should get the same amount of sun / shade?

photos attached

Thanks so much.

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