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Looking for feedback on remodeling contract

7 years ago

This was also posted in the Kitchen forum - sorry for the cross-post.


I am in the process of locating a contractor to clean up a mess left
by a previous contractor from remodeling my kitchen. One recent contact
provided a proposal that I thought was workable from a cost standpoint,
but there are a couple of points I'm not sure about. First, is it common
for contractors to expect you to provide materials? I'd think this
might be a potential problem if you're not familiar with materials and
their proper application. Second, the proposal is requiring that I pay
weekly after an initial down-payment. Is this common, or something I
should avoid? Most contracts I've seen (not that many) specify a
percentage down, a percentage halfway through, and the final payment
upon acceptance. I should note that the current market in my area
(midwest) is very active, and there is a lot of work available. The
downside to this is that it makes it easy for contractors to pick and
choose the work they do, but also makes it easy for them to walk away
from projects that either aren't complete, or skimp on
quality/workmanship. I have no reason to believe that this contact would
do this, but there is something to be said for having some tangible
incentive to do good work and get it done within a reasonable period of

Any feedback will be appreciated.

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