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1940s kitchen style....making do and getting creative

Lavender Lass
8 years ago

I found this on Retro Renovation and thought others might enjoy it :)

...this 1940s kitchen — with its lovely green cabinetry, bits of red
scattered about the room and that fantastic linoleum floor — is just
calling me to come inside and spend an afternoon baking pies.

Today, some of these decorating ideas may seem… over the top. But
remember, this was war-time. Homemakers likely only had paint, fabric
and — yes, flooring — to spice up their interiors. Look at ‘most any
magazine of 1940s decor aimed at the middle class, and the ladies were
painting and stenciling and embroidering and slipcovering. There was a
lot of applied embellishment. You made do.

Link to rest of article....

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