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Need foundation shrub/ lilac suggestions

We need help trying to figure out to do with the front of our house.

The lilac on the far right (see photo) is huge, probably 15' or more high, and in my opinion, too big for the space/ too close to the house (it's probably 3' from the corner). My husband (who happens to be the one of us who is comfortable operating the chainsaw) likes it.

On the far left is a hydrangea. Junipers were recently removed from either side of the steps and there are some small pieces of light pink spirea newly planted around the stumps. The space between the juniper stump and the lilac is where the spirea was removed from (horribly overgrown/ woody underneath/ impossible to divide, I could only cut little pieces off the edges).

Should we keep the lilac or just try to do a better job of cutting it back? I'd like to put something in the 8-10' range between the window and right edge of the house (or if we kept the lilac, it would need to be smaller). Any suggestions of what to put there? Thoughts on whether the named lilac varieties would stay smaller than the common purple (what we have)?

We need something that can tolerate a zone 4 winter and limited sunlight. (House faces east, that corner is the northeast, there's also a large birch tree in the yard which shades things further.


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