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August 2015 what looks good/bad/awful in your garden

7 years ago

Hi everyone,

Well, August is here! I take solace is knowing June is our hottest month and it's over a month behind us know, so we're in the home stretch. Actually, I love heat, but I have some plants that aren't thrilled with it, hah, especially when I'm away for work/fun which happens a fair bit in summer.

In any case, let's start with the AWFUL, hah, who says I don't share my Dirty Plant Laundry? Here's Ruellia macrantha 'Christmas Pride' looking absolutely horrific right now, hah. IF it can coast through the rest of summer (big if) it will make a ton of growth and then flower non-stop all winter/spring with huge ruellia flowers. It is NOT amused, hah. You know my policy though: no time sharing, so plants either stay outside all year (unprotected summer or winter) or they stay inside all year. It's thrive or die! Anyway, here's my shame! Be nice!

Okay, enough of that, here's some happy, very happy, Aloe glauca making a nice cluster of flowers. This species flowers off and on all year, and having aloe blooms in summer is such a nice treat. Quick pics from yesterday with Wilson the tennis ball to show size. Full hot sun, yes, even here, is AOK for this aloe believe it or not:

Drimiopsis, sometimes called "African hosta" (not closely related at all) is looking GREAT. Fun leafy plants for shade.

And how about this? I picked up these nice HEAVY Ferocactus (barrel cacti) at an estate sale yesterday (they were listed in the paper so I fought all of the other people to go straight out to the back garden, hah, they were so heavy to get to the car!!). Only three dollars each! Here they are in my side yard waiting final placement.

Variegated-leaf Dorstenia foetida making some flowers too. Super easy in afternoon shade with water when slightly dry (but NONE in winter when it sheds its leaves).

Okay, your turn! Happy gardening!


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