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Use of multi-ligh grids in exterior windows

7 years ago

I am considering replacing some or all of my 30 year old Andersen (son?) windows. These windows are double glass, but a poor insulator compared to more modern glass, I believe.

The house is a two story "Country" home with cedar clapborad (may update that to vinyl). The concern of this post is the multi light grids. My living room has large windows, vinyl outside wood inside. The wood inside is stained, not painted, a brownish color. The grid pattern is 6 light over 9 light and they are snap-in grids (inside) stained to match with the back side painted white. So from the outside one sees the multi-light grid in white and any close look would note not real.

As the window design is per the building architech I believe the house "needs" the mulit-light took, So a quick look tells me

1) I can get vinyl outside, wood inside

2) grid between the glass seems to be the way to go, but what, white both sides? That may be the only choice.

3) vinly or non-wood inside, could be painted "brown" to carry the same look as naturally finished windows now installed. But does this clash with white grids?

4) are snap-in grids still being used? I have not asked this simple question at Lowes or Homedepot, my starting point.

5) has anyone experiended trouble wiht windows purchased and installed via a contract wiht the big box stores? I had very satisfactory results with Lowes for carpet installation and for new counter top in the kitchen, so far materials and workmanship have been good.

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